Mapping the Mind: Insights into the Nervous System

The neural system, also known as the nervous system, is a complex network of neurons with specific roles in message delivery. Comprising of the brain,

Beyond the Cheese Maze: Significance of Mice in Research

Mice remain an indispensable experimental model for studying human diseases that cannot be substituted at present.

Cephalosporins: The Smart Antibiotics

Cephalosporins are class of Beta-lactam antibiotics as the structure of cephalosporins contain beta lactam rings.

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Telemedicine: A Revolution in Healthcare Delivery

Telemedicine, often known as telehealth or virtual healthcare, is the use of telecommunications technology to deliver distant healthcare services. Telemedicine has been available for decades,

Diabetes Mellitus: The Things You Should Know

Diabetes Mellitus, a disease of endocrine gland is now becoming dangerous nowadays. Affecting the pancreas gland the disease cannot be cured rater be controlled. In this modern world diabetes is spreading rapidly.
Medicinal Plants

A Guide to Common Medicinal Plants in Asia

The plants that possess therapeutic properties or exert beneficial pharmacological effect on the human or animal body are defined as medicinal plants.

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